Agenda item

To determine an application for a Premises Licence from The White Rose Club Limited for The White Rose Club, Ashwood, Cross Lane, Flaxton, York YO60 7QZ


The Licensing Sub-Committee considered a report of the Environmental Health Manager:


(i)            The Sub-Committee had sight of: Public document hearing pack including the officer report and, licensing application, 2 written  representations, plan of the site, safeguarding policy of the applicant.


RESOLVED that the Licence be granted for the following activities





Hours granted


Supply of alcohol(on and off the premises)

11.00 AM – 00.00

Additional the premises will be allowed to supply alcohol on a maximum of 10 days per annum until 00.30 for the purpose of pre-arranged events / functions. These events must be arranged a minimum of 7 days prior to when the event takes place.

A log book must be completed in writing when events take place and must be supplied on demand to Council officers or any responsible authority.


Recorded Music (Indoors Only)

19:00 – 00:00

Recorded music will be allowed until 00.30 when one of the 10 pre-arranged events/ functions is taking place.

Premises open to the public




The licence will be subject to the following conditions:


1. All doors and windows will be closed after 21.00 hours each day except for access and egress.


2. A Club member will check and record any noise levels by walking up and down the site to ensure nothing can be heard from the clubhouse during the performance of regulated entertainment.


3. The Curtains in the clubhouse will be closed from dark to restrict light disturbance to neighbours.


4. Anyone leaving the site will be requested to do so quietly giving due consideration to neighbours.


5. Prominent, clear and legible notices shall be displayed at all exits requesting that customers respect the needs of local residents and to leave the area quietly.


6. No drinks to be consumed outside the clubhouse after 9.00PM


7. The premises shall operate a Challenge 21 policy for the sale of alcohol.


8. The premises shall only accept a current passport, photocard, driving licence or identification carrying a PASS logo as proof of age.


9. A refusals register and incident report register will be kept. Such documents will record incidents of staff refusals to under-age or drunken people as well as incidents of any anti-social behaviour and ejections from the premises. Both of these documents shall be kept for at least one year and will be made available immediately upon a request from any responsible authority.


10. Only accompanied children are allowed in the clubhouse when the bar is open.


11. All children must leave the clubhouse by 22:00 hours.


12. All people admitted to the premises must be members, members guests or approved visitors from other naturist clubs. The premises are not to be open to the general public at large.


The sub-committee believe that


The applicant is running the club responsibly and is aware of the need to consider the local community in the running of its activities. The applicant has taken steps to warn people not to keep engines running when stationary and also to keep radios at an acceptable level when entering the site. This shows a responsible approach. We have heard the applicant state that they make checks on the site to ensure that noise is at an acceptable level and we accept this evidence. The conditions put on the licence in respect of the number of events and access to outside areas after 9.00PM are necessary as we appreciate the rural location that the premises is in. It is noted that although the premises has been running on a club premises certificate and temporary event notices that there has been no objection raised by the Council Environmental Health department who deal with any allegations of noise nuisance. There have been a limited number of particularised incidents recorded by Mr & Mrs Watson, some of which have nothing to do with the sale of alcohol. We also accept the comments that traffic will not increase as a result of the licence.


The sub-committee have considered the protection of children from harm licensing objective and accept that the applicant has a responsible attitude towards safeguarding and people of authority in appropriate safeguarding positions. The conditions on the licence in respect of children are therefore appropriate.


The applicant may wish to consider installing a noise meter and recording any findings so that it is able to evidence that it is continuing to act responsibly in the future.





Supporting documents: