Agenda and minutes

Local Plan Working Party - Thursday, 14th October, 2021 5.00 pm

Venue: Council Chamber - Ryedale House, Malton, North Yorkshire YO17 7HH. View directions

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No apologies were received.




Cllr Andrews moved that he would continue to be Chair, with Cllr Potter as vice-Chair, having done so on an interim basis in the previous Local Plan Working Party, dated 5 August 2021. This was seconded by Cllr Goodrick and the attending members agreed.

Decision: Cllr Paul Andrews Chair of Local Plan Working Party, with Cllr Potter as vice-Chair.





Cllr Andrews moved that the minutes of the last meeting showed a true likeness and could be approved.


Cllr Raper seconded.


Minutes approved.




It was agreed by all that officers would provide updates as to the progress of the Local Plan Review work at each Local Plan Working Party.




Consultation Document on the Distribution of Development

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AirQuality and Renewable Energy


Members discussed the implications of recent alterations to the World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines regarding air quality, specifically the amounts of nitrogen dioxide.


It was suggested by Cllrs Andrews and Thackray that the guidelines might be incorporated into future planning policy and/or the distribution options be amended to reflect the guidelines – including a suggestion by Cllr Andrews that Option 1 be removed altogether.


Other Members raised concerns about including material within the Plan Review that might not pass the scrutiny of Inspection, highlighting the risk of planning by appeal.

Members also discussed the need to include matters relating to energy efficiency, renewable energy and design standards within the document.


Officers advised that Members would ultimately make decisions regarding the distribution strategy, and any amendments that Members wished to make to the consultation document would be considered. Officers also advised that – in response to the suggestion that Option 1 be removed – Option 1 is the existing policy and is included in the consultation for that reason.


Other discussion points

Cllr Andrews suggested that Helmsley should not be ruled out for further development; officers advised that Helmsley is heavily constrained and there are very few options within the settlement for future development, beyond existing allocations.

Members also raised concerns about the Local Needs Occupancy condition, with officers advising that the Council must consult with regards to its future before taking the decision to remove it.


Cllr Andrews suggested that village development limits should be expanded in order to divert major development away from market towns until key infrastructure is delivered there and until the new WHO guidelines can be complied with.


JT advised that a wholesale review of village development limits may not be the most appropriate approach; however, reviewing development limits in response to specific sites could be an option.


Cllr Raper asked if it would be possible to consider a settlement; RB advised that there would be insufficient time to take such an approach, given the need to deliver the Local Plan review prior to local government reorganisation.



Next steps

Cllr Andrews suggested that Councillors should put their comments and suggestions in writing to officers by Wednesday 20 October. Officers would then present an amended draft (if necessary) by 12pm on Wednesday 27 October. Members and officers agreed.


Decision: Members to provide comments by Wednesday 20 October. Officer to provide response by Wednesday 27 October.


Cllr Andrews closed the meeting at 18:55.