Agenda and minutes

Flood Risk Management Liaison Group - Thursday, 29th June, 2017 6.00 pm

Venue: Council Chamber - Ryedale House, Malton, North Yorkshire YO17 7HH. View directions

Contact: Nicki Lishman  476

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Apologies for absence


Apologies for absence were received from P Fisher (IDB), E Pierrepont (Yorkshire Water) and K Saunders (Yorkshire Derwent Partnership)



Supporting documents:


The minutes of the meeting held on 8 February 2017 were agreed as a correct record.


Update from North Yorkshire County Council


Emily Mellalieu introduced Paul Tweed, Project Engineer for the area and Councillor Jeffels, NYCC Councillor on the TRansport, Economy and Environment Overview and Scrutiny Committee and then updated the Group on North Yorkshire County Council's work to date.


·         A bid has been submitted to the EA for work at Sinnington, Hovingham and other locations in the Rye catchment

·         The business case for the ARUP project at Malton, Norton and Old Malton is ongoing. Work continues to plug the funding gap and both Malton and Norton have expressed an interest in setting up a Community Flood Group to look at gaining contributions from flood affected partners

·         A Expression of Interest will be/has been submitted to Highways England for funding for works in Malton and Old Malton, including works to address drainage issues across the A64 and, amongst others, reinstating the old fish ponds at Lascelles Lane

·         Investigation is taking place at Hovingham to the potential of Natural Flood Management

·         Officers continue to bid for any available funding


Update from the Yorkshire Derwent Partnership


Yorkshire Derwent Partnership provided the following update;


·         £50k Natural Flood Management at Thornton Beck, Sinnington, Hovingham and Gilling East

·         A full time officer has been recruited on a 2 year contract, focussing on projects in the Derwent catchment

·         The final draft of the Catchment Action Plan has been prepared, focussing on current and proposed projects


Update from the Environment Agency


Ian Cooke provided the following update;


·         Tree works from Old Malton to York Road Industrial Estate have been completed

·         The capacity at the sea cut at the top of the Derwent has been improved

·         Some trees at Butterwick have been removed to improve flow

·         The winter walk throughs of smaller villages have been completed

·         A team is currently clearing the outfalls through Malton and Norton. A report on this work will be circulated to the Group

·         It is planned to clear vegetation on flood defence walls to allow access to facilitate maintenance to the structures

·         Work will be done on the Severn this summer to repair any cattle damage to banks etc. The fluvial audit of the Rye Catchment will be referenced in relation to this work

·         Ongoing modelling study of the Vale of Pickering will improve flood maps, model dominant water courses, the effects of any breaches etc


In response to questions it was agreed that NYCC would follow up with Cllr Raper the reported issues with culverts under the A64 at Sherburn, Staxton and Ganton.


Update from Yorkshire Water


Yorkshire Water provided the following update;


·         Work at the Malton/Norton railway crossing

Ø  works under the road are complete

Ø  plans for the pipework are prepared

Ø  work is due to commence in October

·         An additional 10 inch pump has been provided to be used in the Malton and Norton pump plan. It is proposed to store it at Tate-Smith's yard


Update from the Internal Drainage Board


Chris Bowles gave the following update from the Internal Drainage Board;


·         Monitoring flows had taken place at Middle Deepdale for the last four years however, Scarborough Borough Council was proposing to remove funding for the monitoring. Concerns were raised and Councillor Jeffels agreed that he would raise this with the Council

·         Eden Road - there were concerns that the development may affect land drainage, road drainage and Old Malton drainage. No baseline evidence had been gathered and no monitoring of levels was taking place

·         The IDB suspected that land drainage had been broken at the new Cattle Market site

·         The restoration/rehabilitation project at Yedingham was being monitored. There had been a breach in the flood bank but it was felt that this did not increase flood risk

·         The IDB had a number of meetings with different agencies including the EA and with Kevin Hollinrake MP regarding NFM in the Vale of Pickering


Update from Ryedale District Council

Draft terms of reference for discussion and agreement.

Supporting documents:


The update from Ryedale District Council (RDC) was as follows;


·         RDC continues to monitor the availability of funding sources such as bids to the LEP

·         Flood Grants - no applications have yet been received, however a number of communities have contacted the Emergency Planning Officer regarding Flood Resilience Schemes

·         Regular flood response meetings/training were taking place with the Community Team officers to enable them to work with parishes on flood resilience

·         Work was being undertaken at Brawby to enable the community to bid for a grant to provide a pump


The proposed Terms of Reference for the newly named Flood Risk Management Liaison Group were agreed, with the following amendments;


Under Membership, para 2 amend to read;

"The meeting will be chaired by the nominated representative of Ryedale District Council."


Final tick point amend to read;

To promote collaborative working involving communities to deliver local initiatives and natural flood management solutions


Further updates

1.    Implementation of SuDS within the local planning regime

2.    Highways Agency drainage works at Brambling Fields junction

3.    Malton and Norton Flood Alleviation Scheme

4.    Pocklington Flood Alleviation Scheme



·         It was reported that the EFRA Committee was disappointed with the Government's response to its recommendations on SuDS

·         The EFRA Committee's future flood enquiry recommended that the responsibility for flood risk be passed to Water and Sewerage Authorities (private sector), which was of concern to all members of the Group


The recent drainage scheme at Brambling Fields would be discussed at the next meeting of the IDB.


Concern was expressed over the application of principles regarding the Pocklington scheme and its funding.


Any other business


There was no other business.


Date of next meeting


10 October 2017 at 6.00 pm.