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Flood Risk Management Liaison Group - Thursday, 30th June, 2016 6.00 pm

Venue: Council Chamber - Ryedale House, Malton, North Yorkshire YO17 7HH. View directions

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Minutes of the last meeting

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The minutes of the meeting held on 17 February 2016 were approved as a correct record.


Matters arising


Minute 12

An update was requested on the issue of a pump at Brawby (para 3 of the minute). The Group was advised that this was being considered as part of the Scrutiny Committee review of flooding

Minute 13

An update was requested on funding. The representative from NYCC advised that a funding bid had been submitted to the GIA and consideration was now being given to approaching stakeholders to raise match funding. A report would be brought to the next meeting of the group.

Minute 16

An update was requested on dredging at Rye Mouth. The representative from the EA advised that dredging will take place but that the start had been delayed due to priority recovery work following the Boxing Day flood incident.




Apologies for absence


Apologies for absence were received from Mr Edwards, Fisher and Nutt, Councillors Cowling, Gardiner, Keal and Raper.



Actions from Minute 12 of the meeting held on 17 February 2016



That the Head of Planning and Housing be asked if there was any money available from developer contributions to fund flow monitoring of the culvert under the A64, in order to consider the possible effects of any development at Eden Farm


Response from Head of Planning and Housing


There is not any S106 identified for this purpose. For this type of contribution to be sought we would need to have identified an impact, directly arising from a development (or developments) proposed, that was a necessary ‘mitigation’ arising from the proposal.


In the case of the Eden Camp development for example, the detailed reports (which were scrutinised by all the drainage bodies and both NYCC Highways and Highways England) demonstrated that the development proposed would not have an adverse effect in terms of surface water run off issues than the ‘as is’ situation. As a result there were no objections to the scheme from any of the technical consultees and no requirement for monitoring equipment of the type suggested.


The Group considered the response by the Head of Planning regarding monitoring of surface water run off issues. It was suggested that the issue be considered as part of the Scrutiny Committee review of flooding.


The EA agreed to examine the cost of adding a full CCTV survey of Old Malton drainage/sewers to the part survey they were planning.



Presentation on Kirkham Weir and Sluices by Dr C Barrett-Mold and I Cooke of the Environment Agency


Dr Barrett-Mold of the Environment Agency (EA) gave a presentation on the progress to date on the future and preferred  options for Kirkham Weir and Sluice (see attached).


A request was made to ensure that the Internal Drainage Board was involved in future consultation etc. with partners and stakeholders and that the options appraisal report was made available.


I Cooke of the EA gave a brief outline of the modelling undertaken of the various options considered as part of the study.


The Groups debated the options proposed and advised the EA on the possible effects of those options.


He also provided an update on the recovery work to complete following the Boxing Day flooding incident which included Old Malton/A64 and the approximate costs of any base line monitoring, works on the Cattle Market development at Eden Farm, planning conditions etc.



Kirkham Weir & Sluice - Future and Preferred Options Powerpoint presentation

Supporting documents:


Update on Slowing the Flow


Councillor Potter gave an update on the Slowing the Flow project.


The latest report released concluded that the system had prevented flooding in Pickering (1 in 10 event) and that Natural Flood Management (NFM) measures were being considered by other Yorkshire authorities and nationally.


The Group then debated the project, other NFM measures and the various reviews published/due for publication.



Update on Malton Cattle Market developments


Discussed as part of Minute 22.



Flow gauging under A64


Discussed as part of Minute 22.



Discussion on publication of Flooding: Co-operation across Government report


Councillor Potter advised on the content of the report Flooding: Co-operation across Government, which had considered central Government's response to flooding incidents.


A number of recommendations had been made in the report, including consideration of Sustainable Drainage Systems (SUDs).



Conservation and Land Management Forum event at North York Moors National Park


Councillor Potter reported on the recent Conservation and Land Management Forum held at the North York Moors National Park.


There was a broad base attendance at the Forum, including representatives of land owners, those involved in water management and catchment areas. The Derwent Catchment Partnership was formed out of this event.


The Partnership had appointed a Board and was working with the community and had multiple aims including slowing the flow projects, habitats, conservation, spawning grounds, silt traps, reducing sediment in water courses and tackling non-native species.


An application had been made for National Lottery funding.


E Mellalieu advised that NYCC has divided the County into a number of catchment areas and the reasons for this and the benefits of working this way will be brought to the next meeting of the Group.



BGS baseline data collection on water quality prior to fracking


Councillor Potter reported that the British Geological Survey had been engaged to undertake baseline air quality, water quality and seismology testing in the district.


The IDB had been invited to visit the fracking site to view the measures being taken to minimise risk to IDB ditches. The EA were also monitoring  the site.



Any other business


The EA is undertaking a 1 year study to do a full modelling of water courses in the Vale of Pickering. This is to produce an updated flood map, a more accurate picture of the water courses and to flag other potential issues.


More information will be brought to the next meeting.



Date of next meeting


Tuesday 18 October 2016 at 6.00 pm.